Aliments That Stimulate And Increase Stress

Usually we blame the job for our problems at home, the busy schedule and lack of time, for stressful moments. But did you know that some foods can cause stress?

On some of them you can avoid, but others you can hardly resist to not consume them. But if you want to give your body foods that provide nutrients that are easily digested, that on short, who does not put it to an additional stress, here’s what you should avoid or at least not consume excessively.

You can find it in tea, coffee, chocolate, cola drinks that we drink when we need more energy. And we get more energy. But in the same time caffeine causes production of adrenaline, which can lead to increased stress levels. On long-term, excessive consumption of caffeine has the same effect as prolonged stress.

We can hardly resist, because some of them are absolutely delicious. Beyond the irresistible taste, sweets contain no essential nutrients. Sugar content provide a surge of energy, but which can lead to fatigue adrenal glands. And if this happens, it can cause irritability and poor concentration.

Spicy foods
The spices provide a special flavor to food, but can not be tolerated by everyone because they contain volatile oils that can irritate the stomach lining. This category includes cloves, anise, cumin, curry, cayenne pepper and poppy seeds.

Salty foods
If you are among those who like salty food, maybe it’s time to reduce the amount of salt. This increases blood pressure, exhausts the adrenal glands and induce emotional instability. Avoid foods with a high salt content, such as ham, pickles or sausages.

Red meat
Avoid the excess consumption of red meat. It has a high protein content, increasing the concentration of dopamine, a substance associated with anxiety and stress.

Paradoxically, many people turn to alcohol to overcome stressful moments, but the combination of alcohol and stress can be very dangerous. Excess alcohol increases fat deposits in the heart and weakens the immune function. Also, alcohol decreases the liver’s ability to remove toxins from the body. And under stress conditions, the organism produces a number of toxins.

Aliments That Stimulate And Increase Stress