8 Ways To Use Vinegar To Clean Your House

Apple vinegar can be used in so many cases it should not be absent from any household. Lately, there have been lots of talks in regards to its medical properties but did you know it can be easily transformed in a universal house cleaning product? Because of its antibacterial properties, apple vinegar is just as powerful when it comes to removing dirt as are the chemical products sold in markets.

To fully benefit from its power, mix apple vinegar with lemon juice, salt but stay away from baking soda that will neutralize its acidity.

Here are the 8 ways you can use it to clean your house:

  1. Remove mold from your bath tub. If there are a few spots of mold you can use a cloth dipped in vinegar, and if there are bigger surfaces affected with mold, fill the tub with hot water and add 3-4 cups of vinegar in it. Remove the water after 3 hours and wipe the tub clean with a cloth.
  2. Remove mold from the shower curtains. Put your curtains in the washing machine and don’t forget to add a cup of vinegar to make sure there will be no more stains afterwards.
  3. Disinfect the glass doors of your shower. Clean the doors and shower surface with a mixture of water and vinegar.
  4. Disinfect the toilet. Pour 2 cups of vinegar in the WC and leave them overnight. As soon as you will flash, you will see how your toilet is clean and sparkly again.
  5. Disinfect and clean other surfaces in the bathroom. Use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean all surfaces in the bathroom. This will help you keep them clean and shiny for a longer period.
  6. Give your silver the shine back. The silver that is getting dark can be easily brought back to glory by letting them dip in a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Rinse them with cold water before getting them dry. Use the same action for other objects that are made from cooper.
  7. Remove bad smells from your home. If you want to remove bad smells such as from the cigarettes, you can put a bit of vinegar to boil and keep it in the room for a few hours.
  8. Remove wax stains. These can be removed with the help of vinegar and water and a clean cloth. Just wipe the wax stains clean.