7 Foods you didn’t know you could grill

What would you say about a watermelon on the grill? Meat or vegetables are not the only foods you can prepare on the grill. Here are some foods you certainly didn’t think you could eat in this way. They are ideal for fast and light meals on very hot days.

Heat, smoke and little salt make this fruit taste unexpectedly good when it’s cooked on the grill. Add a little olive oil, minced onion, salt and pepper to a slice of watermelon and leave it on the grill for five minutes until it caramels and begins to dry. You can eat it with melted cheese. It has an amazing taste!

Polenta usually has a creamy texture, so it’s quite unusual to put it on the grill. Once you have prepared the polenta, leave it for a few hours to dry a little, then put it on the grill. In this way it will become a little crispy and a little smoked. You will like it very much!

A few slices of cheese on the grill amplify its flavor and creamy texture. Use thicker slices to avoid light melting and pour over a little olive oil.

Sweet potatoes
Grease the sweet potatoes with butter and put them on the grill at medium fire for about 40 minutes.

Simply place cauliflower in any sizes you want, sprinkle it with a few drops of olive oil and put it on the grill. So, next time when you prepare a grill with your friends, bring some cauliflower and surprise them!

Famous chefs tell us that if we want to prepare quesadilla, grilled avocados will give it extra flavor.

When you cook the pineapple on the grill it will have a sweet and less acidic taste. I love adding pineapple in my meal. It’s tasty and refreshing!