6 Talks To Have Before Starting A New Relationship

Women fall in love with their ears. They love talking about relationships and all its aspects even before starting one. There are 6 talks every woman needs to have before getting into a new relationship. The right answers will help you get closer to her.

  1. STDs or Sexually Transmissible Diseases. If a woman inquires the number of sexual partners you have had, it is a way of trying to find out if you are responsible and aware of sexually transmissible diseases. The answer you should have prepared is that you don’t have a list of women, but you are constantly monitoring your health and are going to get tested in a few days. She will be extremely glad to hear you take such good care of yourself and will be relaxed around you.
  2. We live in a century when both partners should be prepared and should take into account the fact that for women it is important showing initiative when it comes to health and possible pregnancies. Don’t leave the contraception issue on your partner and have a talk about what would make her feel at ease.
  3. Where is the relationship headed to? Rest assured, this question is not related to any changes in the marital status. Women starting this conversation what to know if the relationship is important to you and if you include her in different future plans.
  4. No sex dates and sleepovers. Women value the fact that their partner want to spend time with them and enjoy their company besides any sexual involvement. There are nights when she may not be in the mood to get physical and it has nothing to do with feeling less attracted to you. Quite on the contrary actually, she is earning for some deep psychological connection.
  5. Money talks. The way partners spend their money is their own decision. Don’t judge her for buying a new pair of shoes and she will not frown upon you for getting a new phone.
  6. Time alone. If your partner informs you he/she needs some time alone it does not mean they don’t want to spend time with you. They may only need some time for their own matters, such as going to a spa with the friends or a shopping session. Don’t impose your presence in their life if you feel they may need the space. Let them miss you but make sure they know you miss them as well.