5 Surprising Benefits Of Kissing

We are so accustomed to kissing being part of communication and relationships, but truth is it is so much more. Kissing is very important to our bodies at the same time. Here are some surprising benefits from kissing the loved ones that you did not suspect!

  1. Kissing improves the body’s fighting strength with bacteria. Thing is, it was very wrong of us to believe kissing help germs spread. New studies revealed the fact that pregnant women need a lot more kisses in order to fight a virus called Cytomegalovirus that can affect unborn babies.
  2. Kissing helps pick the right partner. Kissing activates 5 of the 12 nerve points in the brain, so it is a sort of information carrier about who the partner is and what he wants. Other specialists claim kissing helps identify the healthy partner, especially genetic wise. You can feel connected or repulsed by a person by merely kissing them.
  3. Kissing is a very pleasant workout that helps burn calories. So, indulge with that desert you’ve been dreaming about and get busy kissing afterwards. If you feel the need to burn even more calories, you can consider sex as a great option as well!
  4. Kissing helps keep wrinkles away better than surgeries, Botox, collagen or even hyaluronic acid do. It is a proven fact. Kissing is the secret to a perfect skin as it activates up to 30 face muscles, so your cheeks will regain their youthful aspect with the help of this pleasant exercise.
  5. Kissing helps relax because it activates the levels of oxytocin, a chemical substance that acts as a calming element to our body. Following a domino pattern, the relaxation triggers a romantic connection to the partner because your body felt so connected and relaxed around that particular person.

So make kissing your new hobby!