5 Plants that keep mosquitoes away

Summer is the most beautiful season, but with the appearance of high temperatures, also annoying mosquitoes appear. If you want to keep them away from your yard or apartment, you can use a few plants. Here’s what plants you need to have in your house or in your yard or balcony if you want to keep mosquitoes away:

Lavender – With its powerful scent, lavender helps to keep mosquitos away. Plant lavender around your resting place, and once it blooms, mosquitoes will no longer appear. You can do the same if you have a spacious balcony. Lavender grows well in pots.

Lemongrass – Lemongrass has a repellent smell for mosquitoes that will not be near the area where it is. No wonder that lemongrass is used as a natural ingredient in the preparation of insect solutions that you find in commerce.

Basil – The mosquitoes hate basil. Plant basil in the garden, amongst the layers of vegetables and flowers and in the relaxation corner, to get rid of insects.

Mint – Like basil, mint is used in both medicine and gastronomy. In addition, its delicate scent is a mosquito repellent. An advantage of this plant is that it doesn’t need special care and adapts perfectly to any environmental conditions.

Rosemary – Rosemary can be successfully grown in pots, especially as in winter it must be protected from frost. This fragrant tree not only gives you the flavor of your dishes, it keeps mosquitoes at distance.