5 Easy tricks to save money

Most of you will smile, amused. Tricks to save you money, when you don’t have enough to buy everything you want?! That’s what you thought, right? Following some simple tips, not only will you save a nice amount of money, but you will realize that you often spend a lot and uselessly.

You spend money on things you can live without them very well. Perhaps it is more about financial education than about temperance.

Pay in cash – The credit card can trick you. It creates the feeling of an unlimited source. While cash payments show you how real spending is. You can seee with your eyes how the money is flowing through your fingers.  And that could be a little bit annoying for you.

Save money weekly – As soon as you’ve earned your salary and paid all your bills, organize your budget for weeks. And do it in a way that every week, you put some money aside. At first, you don’t have to have a large amount. It’s important to “get the taste” and prove that you can. In time, you will succeed to save more and more money!

Controls spendings with “30-day list” – You have the impulse to buy something, but you don’t really need that thing. Write it down. Add to the list all the things you wish, yet being aware that it’s not a necessity. After 30 days, consult the list. Most likely, the strong desire to buy them has disappeared and you can evaluate the list with more calm.

Cancel your gym subscription – If you want to practice sport, you know you can do it for free, don’t you? It’s important to really want it. You can run in the park or even through the neighborhood, and you can do the exercises at home.

Take food from home for work – Don’t tell me you don’t have time in the morning to prepare two sandwiches or a salad to take with you. I will not believe you. Try at least a week and see how much money you will save from your budget if you don’t order food at the office.

Saving money tips