5 Benefits Of The Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

You are most definitely aware by now of the benefits Himalaya salt brings to your kitchen and life. But were you aware of the same amount of benefits that lie in the pink Himalayan salt lamps? They are equally healthy and good for your body. Here are some reasons to include buying a Himalaya salt lamp next time you go shopping.

  1. Better sleep. Exposing your body to positive ions that are generated by high tech such as phones and TV sets, is ruining your sleep. One of the benefits of the Himalaya salt lamp is to neutralize these ions and spread negative ions that will improve air quality in the room and help you sleep better.
  2. Improves the well-being and concentration. Salt helps the body to relax, improves blood flow and thus the brain produces the much wanted serotonin, that is responsible of the happiness feeling.
  3. Treats seasonal depressions. People that are affected by seasonal depression should own such a lamp because the brain perceives its light as being the real sunlight one. When the days start to get shorter, get yourself a lamp that will prolong the feeling of longer summer days.
  4. Reduces static electricity. You know how your days is easily ruined by your hair going in all directions due to electrical discharges from touching your cat or anything metal? Himalayan lamps are really great at neutralizing all particles in the room, and you can touch whatever you want without any fear. It will clean your room from any electric ions that are in the air.
  5. Friendly source of light. It is cost effective even if you forget the lamp on for the entire day. The lamp does not need a lot of electricity and is not going to make your bill as big as the Himalayans.