4 Ways to remove gum out of hair without cutting it

Did your kid come home with chewing gum in his hair? Don’t worry. You don’t need to use the scissors. These tricks will help you get rid of chewing gum without cutting off the hair.

Method 1 – Peanut butter

When you deal with chewing gum in hair, peanut butter can be the best solution. The oil in its composition lubricates the hair and dissolves the gum. Isolate the hair in which the gum is glued with an elastic hair band. Apply peanut butter with a toothbrush. Let it act for a few minutes then, with the help of a rare-toothed comb, you can start to remove the chewing gum sticking to the hairs. Then wipe with a towel. Shampoo the hair in abundance, because peanut butter doesn’t remove easily off your head.

Method 2 – Lubricants

Lubricants are easy to find in a home. From cooking oil to cosmetics oil, from sour cream to hairspray, all can help you to remove chewing gum out of hair. Isolate hair area with chewing gum with an elastic hair band. Apply lubricant over and under the sticking area. Try not to squeeze it because you can stretch even more gum. Comb your hair using a rare-toothed comb, then rinse your hair thoroughly with shampoo.

Method 3 – Dissolvers

As you have lubricants in the house, you will surely find solvents: eucalyptus oil, carmol, baking soda, lemon juice, white vinegar or mayonnaise. Apply directly to the affected area, then let it work. Remove the dissolved gum with your fingers or using a comb. Wipe with a towel. Then rinse your hair.

Method 4 – Ice Cubes
This method is more appropriate for adults than for children, as it can be painful. Put ice cubes on the hair and leave it for a few minutes. The gum will harden from the ice and will start to crack. However, it will be quite difficult and painful to remove from hair.