4 Signs you may have toxic air in your home

Pollution is a controversial topic in the last period. We are surrounded by cars and factories that significantly increase pollution. In this context, the air is becoming more and more loaded with toxins and more difficult to breathe. Here are some signs that you may have toxic air in your home.

Sneeze often
You are tempted to think that sneezing, coughing or dizziness are caused by the change of season, home dust or flower pollen. However, a sensitive reaction to allergens in the air might be just as well the reason you sneeze very often. The advice of the specialists is to observe these symptoms. If they occur when you get home or work and disappear shortly after you leave the room, it means the air is toxic.

Difficulties in breathing
Most of the symptoms that predict that the air in the room is toxic are not severe. However, certain bacteria in the air, especially those caused by mold, can lead to dizziness, nausea, rash, fever, tiredness, vomiting, muscle aches, difficulty in breathing or hearing loss. In this case, our advice is to visit a doctor and talk about the symptoms that worry you.

You often suffer from pneumonia or bronchitis
The chemicals in your home can affect your lungs and, over time, can lead to their severe conditions. If you frequently suffer from respiratory illness such as pneumonia or bronchitis, it could be a sign that the air in your home is toxic. A frequent source of toxic air in the home may even be the air conditioner. It is recommended that you change its filters at regular intervals and talk to your doctor about these symptoms.

You cough every day
The first thing you do when you get sick is to look for the causes. In the case of respiratory problems, the causes may be varied, but the most common are: a dusty environment, the renovation of the space where you spend a lot of time, insecticides, etc. Construction materials contain toxic substances that easily come into contact with the respiratory system through the air.