4 Drugs That Can Make You Gain Weight

If you try to lose weight and you don’t succeed in any way, maybe it’s time to take into account that are some drugs that can make you gain weight, many drugs that you never think about.¬†Of course, health is always on the first place, but you can discuss alternative treatments with your doctor if you suspect that a drug has this effect on you.
Surprisingly, the drugs that make you get fat are quite common and many people take them constantly.

Antidepressants – Not all pills of this type make you gain weight, but paroxetine does; for example, may have fattening effects. On long term, fluoxetine and citalopram can lead to fattening because of all the changes they make in the body. If you also take this type of drugs that make you get fat, you should talk to your doctor about other possible treatments.

Antihistamines – They are among the most common medications that make you get fat and are used by a lot of people who do not know they have this side effect. Histamine is a substance that plays an important role in regulating appetite, and blocking it can affect your appetite and make you eat more food than you should. Not all antihistamines have this effect.

Diabetes medicines – It is ironic that diabetes drugs can you make gain weight, and too much weight is a major risk factor for the health of those who suffer from this disease. There are many types of treatments that regulate insulin production in the body, and if you notice that you can not keep up with your weight, despite all efforts, it’s important to change the medicine because a normal weight greatly reduces your risk of complications in diabetes.

Contraceptives and hormonal treatments – You probably already knew that contraceptives may have this undesirable effect on the body, but most of the time it is about water retention. In some cases, because of the circulation problems they can cause, oral contraceptives contribute to the appearance of cellulite. Of all these types of pills, those based on progesterone cause long-term fattening, so they should be avoided.