3 Dangerous Things That Happen To You If You Sleep With Wet Hair

Have you arrived late from work and it’s mandatory to wash your hair? You don’t have patience to dry your hair and you sleep with wet hair? Big mistake! Here’s why it’s not good to sleep with wet hair! 

1. If you are sleeping with wet hair you are exposed to a series of scalp disorders. Scalp diseases are caused by bacteria and fungi that like moisture. The cushions are full of bacteria and mites that severely damage your head’s health.

Some scalp illnesses may even lead to hair loss, experts. The most well-known such disorders are seborrheic dermatitis, neurodermatitis or atopic dermatitis.

Also, bacteria favor the appearance of keloid acne, bacterial folliculitis and a number of other autoimmune diseases that can spread from the root of the hair throughout the body. The most common condition when sleeping with wet hair is seborrheic dermatitis. This problem can also occur at the level of the eyebrows or nose. This scalp disease affects approximately 30% of the planet’s population.

2. You will wake up with headaches. Due to the moisture, the thermal discomfort, your hair will be stiff because it doesn’t get air. It’s like sitting on a softer wire under your head.

3. As you have found above, you can lose your hair. There is no need to suffer from seborrheic dermatitis in order for your hair to reduce its resistance. Immediately after you’ve washed, hair needs oxygen for ventilation.

Before you get in bed with wet hair, you need to know more. First, change the pillowcase with a glossy and fine material to the touch. This won’t damage your hair and you will reduce your headaches the next day. Secondly, you can get your hair in a not very tight hump if you want to protect your loops.