Types Of Relationships You Should Avoid According To Your Zodiac Sign

Trust the signs when it comes to choosing a life partner and you find your happiness easier. Every astrological sign has a particular tendency to get involved in relationships that defy reality and will prove to be toxic over the time. Find out what types of relationships you should avoid based on your astrological sign.


Try to resist the urge to get involved in relationships that start with fireworks and explosions. It is better if you seek to build a relationship on trust and leave out the burning passion. Slow down and show you are capable of affection and kindness and you will appreciate the fact that your partner will give you in return his/her affection even when passion seems to take a break.


Even if the traditional way of doing things is very attractive to you, avoid getting involved in a relationship for mere comfort. Don’t be afraid to have an adventure outside your comfort zone and be open minded to a partner that is different from what you have painted as a perfect match for you. Avoid relationships with a partner that is addicted to adventures because you need affection and calm in your life.


If you are looking for a truly happy relationship, look for a partner that can keep up with you and will enjoy changes as much as you do. Try to cool down your superficiality and dig deeper in the soul of the person you met. Don’t use flirting as a means to getting to know someone.


Avoid at all costs relationships with people that seem cold and distant, as well as the ones that fear commitment. Your affection will all go to waste. The only thing you will have left will be a broken heart.


You know you are very impulsive and need to be in control most of the time, so avoid relationships with a partner that is afraid to stand up to you. Even if you will enjoy the course of the relationship in the beginning, you will get to suffer later on.


Avoid people that are constantly complaining about the lack of time when it comes to love. You need time to get to know a person and you need a partner that is patient and will give you the freedom to getting close to him on your own terms.


It is very difficult to find a suitable partner because you need a person that is both calm and relaxed and will give you a comfortable relationship, but need someone that is capable to get you out of your comfort zone and wake you up to life.


Your trust issues are legendary and you need people that will make you feel comfortable around them. Choose people that are patient and friendly, people that are worth bringing down the wall you have surrounded yourself with.


Don’t let yourself get carried by your adventurous personality, and be more selective with the people that enter your life. You are an avid seeker of changes and diversity but this may lead to hurting people with no reason. Look for someone that appreciates your loyal side and give your love and affection to that one person.


Stay away from people that don’t have the same views on love as you do. If your partner does not understand what makes you happy and what makes you feel comfortable, the person is not fit for you. You don’t need a playdate but someone that is well grounded and can put balance fun and responsibilities at the same time.


You need to be intellectually stimulated so avoid relationships that are built on physical attraction only. You will get bored rather easy and will get your heart broken as well.


Don’t let your loyalty get in the way of your logic. Don’t worship your partner without getting the same affection in return. You need to feel equally important in a relationship.

6 Talks To Have Before Starting A New Relationship

Women fall in love with their ears. They love talking about relationships and all its aspects even before starting one. There are 6 talks every woman needs to have before getting into a new relationship. The right answers will help you get closer to her.

  1. STDs or Sexually Transmissible Diseases. If a woman inquires the number of sexual partners you have had, it is a way of trying to find out if you are responsible and aware of sexually transmissible diseases. The answer you should have prepared is that you don’t have a list of women, but you are constantly monitoring your health and are going to get tested in a few days. She will be extremely glad to hear you take such good care of yourself and will be relaxed around you.
  2. We live in a century when both partners should be prepared and should take into account the fact that for women it is important showing initiative when it comes to health and possible pregnancies. Don’t leave the contraception issue on your partner and have a talk about what would make her feel at ease.
  3. Where is the relationship headed to? Rest assured, this question is not related to any changes in the marital status. Women starting this conversation what to know if the relationship is important to you and if you include her in different future plans.
  4. No sex dates and sleepovers. Women value the fact that their partner want to spend time with them and enjoy their company besides any sexual involvement. There are nights when she may not be in the mood to get physical and it has nothing to do with feeling less attracted to you. Quite on the contrary actually, she is earning for some deep psychological connection.
  5. Money talks. The way partners spend their money is their own decision. Don’t judge her for buying a new pair of shoes and she will not frown upon you for getting a new phone.
  6. Time alone. If your partner informs you he/she needs some time alone it does not mean they don’t want to spend time with you. They may only need some time for their own matters, such as going to a spa with the friends or a shopping session. Don’t impose your presence in their life if you feel they may need the space. Let them miss you but make sure they know you miss them as well.

Toothache Remedies Your Dentist Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Does toothaches make your day a living hell and have you run towards the dentist’s office with the speed of light? There are a few home remedies that calm down the pain and make every dentist envious of your knowledge. So next time you feel a tooth throbbing, remember our advice and heal yourself in a few minutes without any further complications, in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Mint tea. Studies have proven the effectiveness of mint tea as well as mint oil over toothaches. Mint oil is also an excellent antiseptic that protects the gum from infections in such cases.
  2. Salt water. Salt water alienates pain fast and for sure! Just add a teaspoon of salt, sea salt is recommended over the usual one, to a cup of hot, boiling water. Let it cool down and wash your mouth with it. You are also supposed to keep it in your mouth for a few seconds between the washes.
  3. Garlic is a great antiseptic product. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent warrior against toothaches and infections. For the best results, crush a piece of garlic and leave it to have air contact for about 2 minutes. Put a bit of salt on top of it and apply on the tooth that hurts.

These tricks are going to help you forget all about pain for a while, but be careful, they do not treat serious issues, and in case the pain returns, it is highly recommended that you seek medical advice and treatment.

Do not rely on these tricks to get rid of health issues nor use them more than one at a time.

Keep in mind the importance of healthy teeth and the one of oral hygiene are crucial for your well-being as well!

Your Thumb Says A Lot About Your Personality

It is a pity people overlook the shape of fingers and hands. They represent essential body parts and are crucial for a good functioning! More so, the character of people is written in the shape of their hands. Remember a few things that can tell you a lot about a person’s character and pay attention to their hands when you meet someone new.

Thumbs hold a special place in the art of reading characters based on the hand shape.

If the thumb is straight, the owner is a serious person who doesn’t like joking around. He should remember to relax more often. He is also a good example of ambition and power for others.

If the thumb is not that straight, the person is rather emotional and likes to get in touch with his feelings. He is also taking things lightly and likes a good laugh every now and then.

If the thumb forms a 90 degrees angle with the open palm, it is a sign of a down to earth kind of person. The type of person who is not scared to work and can be easily trusted.

If the thumb is flexible, it means the owner is a person that can easily adapt himself to various situations and should take care when trusting people! He is kind to suspect others of being fake of having hidden intentions.

If the thumb is not flexible, it is a sign of a person who does not enjoy changes too much. He is a very careful decision taker and never rushes into things.

You should also pay attention to the phalanx bone. Each thumb has two phalanges.

If the two phalanges are equal in size, the owner is a true leader and a powerful person.

If the top phalange is longer, the person is passionate, perseverant and strong-willed.

If the bottom one is longer than the top one, the person is rather shy, lonely and feels at ease alone or surrounded by familiar faces.

Tips And Tricks For A Longer Lasting Lipstick

Long lasting make-up that looks fresh is every woman’s dream. A lipstick that will not dry out and last for an entire day and all through the most important meals is also on the agenda. Still, there are very few fortunate cases when the lipstick lasts longer than a few hours, but for all the others, there are a few tips and tricks that will do just fine! Read on and remember them the next time you want to have perfect lips for the entire day.

  1. This is the first rule for beautiful lips. It is also very important for make-up because dry skin ruins lipstick and no matter how many times you will reapply it during the day, it will still be far from perfect! Buy a few exfoliating lip scrubs or use your own toothbrush to gently scrub your lips. Keep them exfoliated and don’t forget about the lip balms that prevent them from going dry.
  2. Clean lips. Clean lips are a must for an enduring make-up. You should always remove lipstick in the evening. Apply a lip balm 10 minutes before applying lipstick. Also, leave your lips to be the last when you are doing your make-up.
  3. Use a lipstick primer as it will help lipstick last longer. It will also provide a smooth and sticky base for the lipstick. Look for a primer with a waxy texture for the best results.
  4. Invest in expensive and brand products. Cheap lipsticks will fade quickly due to their composition, so when it comes to quality it is worth investing in a product that will last longer on your lips.
  5. Apply two coats of lipstick but with a twist! Apply the first coat then blot with some tissue paper and then apply the second coat. It may seem time consuming but it will help the product adhere better. It will also make the color look a lot more vivid.
  6. Use powder to set your lipstick as a final touch. Dust a fine, translucent powder over the lips that will keep the lipstick looking perfect for hours.
  7. Skip lip gloss if you want longer lasting lipstick. Lip gloss contains oils and other ingredients that dilute the effectiveness of lipstick and break up lip color. It may make lips look shiny and polished, but only for a few hours.

What Happens With Your Skin If You Don’t Remove Make-up Before Sleep

The first and most important rule of beauty is to remove make-up before sleep. You have heard it from your mother, from your cosmetician, read it in countless magazines and still break it sometimes. Truth be told, removing make-up before sleep is indeed the one thing that should never be ignored.

Make-up acts as a beauty enhancement as well as a beauty threat, so the next time you think about skipping the cleaning process before going to bed, remember the consequences written bellow and change your mind about it.

  1. Your skin dries up a lot faster during the night, and having make-up on makes this process even more troubling for your skin. Not removing make-up before sleep does not allow skin to breathe free.
  2. Skin rashes and clogged pores are also a consequence of sleeping with the face full of make-up.
  3. Not removing make-up leads to acne.
  4. Infections are another popular consequence of make-up. Your eyes are the easiest targets for infections caused by make-up.
  5. Premature aging. Make-up can lead to the gathering of toxins in pores that will later on affect collagen and skin ADN, making wrinkles appear earlier than expected.
  6. Dry and cracked lips. The skin on your lips is the most sensible skin on your body. Take care of it and do not allow your lips to suffer during the night.

These are some of the most important results of not going to bed with a clean face. But the risks are too high and once the damage is done, there is almost no way back to restoring the health and beauty of your skin.

Don’t be lazy and do find at least a few minutes every evening to remove your make-up.

Remember the night is the time your skin regenerates so you could look young and beautiful!

Plants That Help To Kill Intestinal Parasites

Unfortunately bacteria and germs don’t spare anyone and you could be a victim without even suspecting. There are different kinds of parasites that reside inside the human body feeding themselves with our food. They can grow in different shapes, sizes and parts of the body. Their presence can go unnoticed for a while, but when it does finally become undeniable it is time to take action against them!

The symptoms that indicate their presence are all different and you have to pay attention to them, observe if they tend to get worse with the time.

If you experience insomnia, unexplainable irritability, rashes, anemia, fatigue, weight loss, gases and constipation, diarrhea, vertigo and fainting as well as pain in your stomach, it is a clear sign of the presence of these germs.

The good news is there are a few natural products that can help you get rid of them in a matter of days, without the help of medicine.

Get yourself some garlic, oregano oil, savory and cloves and read on to see how these can help you remove germs, worms and other bacteria from your body.

  1. Savory- its antibacterial properties prevent parasites from developing and even contribute to their slowly leaving the body.
  2. Garlic- kills all the bacteria and stimulates the removal of heavy metals from the system.
  3. Clove-completely destroys the eggs of the parasites and prevents others from getting formed.
  4. Oregano oil-appreciated for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, oregano oil fights all germs protecting the body from any new threats.

Include these products in your daily meals or have them in the form of tea, either way, they are your allies when it comes to keeping your body healthy and clean from all kinds of parasites and germs.

Don’t forget about hygiene that also plays an important role in making them stronger! Wash your hands before each meal and thoroughly wash any vegetable or fruit before cooking it!

Points on Your Feet You Can Massage to Improve Your Well-Being

Needless to repeat, massage has an amazing effect on your well-being and your feet are full of nerve endings that are reflections zones of lots of internal organs. Stimulated the right way, these zones affect your internal organs and later on lead to a state of well-being and relaxation. Next time you are feeling stressed out, remember it’s all in your feet and you have the power to change the way you are feeling with the help of a few simple and easy massage moves.

How to massage your feet: it is highly recommended to warm up your feet and massage your whole foot. Taking a warm foot bath before the massage will do you wonders.

Start by rubbing the entire foot and continue with pressing active points for a few seconds, moving from the toes to the heel. Use stretching, tapping, pinching and rubbing moves for the best results.

You can trigger certain points during this process. Just keep in mind there are a few contraindications for foot massage such as: fever, blood clotting, disorder, deep cuts or any other feet traumas.

Learn the zones of your feet: there are 5 zones that all are responsible for different internal organs.

Zone 1. This zone is responsible for your ears, eyes, frontal sinuses, brain, nose, neck and even has a spot for lowering blood pressure.

Zone 2. Zone 2 represents the thyroid and parathyroid glands as well as the lungs and the heart. This zone is recommended to be massaged when you feel strong excitement or stress. Pay special attention to your left foot in particular.

Zone 3 is the key to reaching most internal organs such as the liver, the pancreas, the stomach, kidneys, gallbladder and spleen. You should also remember that the meanings of the points situated on a foot differ from the points on the other foot.

Your small and large bowel are represented by Zone 4 and are the same points on both feet.

The last zone, Zone 5 controls your genitals and insomnia habits. The points to control these are identical on both feet.

How To Check If You Bought Fake Olive Oil and Honey

We live in truly troubling times. Besides having to be overly careful about fake beauty products, perfumes or clothes, now it is the time to watch out and check the quality and originality of products as well. Due to high production costs as well as high demand, many companies are trying to sell fake products claiming them to be original and healthy!

Such is the case of olive oil. Olive oil gathered a lot of popularity during the past years and companies have come to the conclusion that it’s not a big deal to fake it and fool the customers.

Olive oil is easily replaced with cheaper oil such as palm, soya or even simple oil.

To check if the olive oil you have purchased is the real deal simply pour a bit in a glass and put it in the fridge. Real olive oil will leave a sediment that is easily noticed in the glass.

Such is the case with honey as well. Artificial honey is often under the label of real honey. Fact is that real honey has lots of health benefits while the artificial one, does not even taste the same.

You can check for honey’s authenticity with the help of two easy tricks.

The first trick consists in putting a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water. Real honey does not dissolve in the water immediately. Instead it moves to the bottom of the glass. But if the honey you are looking to buy is fake, it will dissolve as soon as it comes in contact with the water.

Another test is dipping a match in honey and then setting it on fire. If both the match and the honey burn, it is a good sign, meaning the honey is original. Fake honey does not burn, keeping the match from burning as well.

Enjoy healthy and tasty products and don’t forget to check labels and ingredients constantly!

Get Rid of Headaches Using Natural Remedies

According to different studies, migraines are a very common many adults experience. Headaches are often accompanied by light sensibility, nausea, vertigo and neck and back tension. There are cases when over the counter medicine such as aspirin and ibuprofen are not effective in calming down the pain.

But there are various other natural alternatives that are healthy and effective!

The best natural remedies are:

  1. Caffeine. Caffeine is a popular ingredient of lots of migraine medicine, besides having anti-inflammatory properties. So next time you feel a headache coming, make yourself a cup of coffee and feel the migraine leave in less than half an hour.
  2. Studies have shown that ginger is as effective as some of the most expensive painkillers from the market!
  3. Ice and Banana peels. Apply cold compress consisting of a banana and a few ice cubes to your forehead and feel the pain leave. The potassium from the banana peel will help calm down headaches effectively.
  4. Lavender oil. Boil one liter of water and add 8 drops of lavender oil to it. Inhale the warm vapors to reduce the intensity of the migraines. You can massage the forehead with a few oil drops afterwards.
  5. Sea salt. Sea salt is full of health benefits, including curing awful migraines. All you need for this remedy is water, the juice of a lemon and a big spoon of Himalayan salt. Mix all of these ingredients together and drink the mixture! Besides being a cheap alternative, this remedy is also healthy and full of benefits in the long-term. Just be sure to use clean Himalayan salt. The regular salt will not do the trick so don’t try replacing them.

Remember these tricks and cure your headaches naturally! Stay healthy with natural remedies!