7 Reasons You Should Never Drink Soya Milk

Unlike cow’s milk, soy milk does not contain lactose and can be consumed during fasting times. Soy milk is a good source of protein, iron, the group of vitamins B and calcium. It has no cholesterol and has a low saturated fat content. So far it seems to be a healthy food, right? In this article you will find out some reasons you should never drink soya milk.

  1. Phytoestrogens content – Soybeans contain fistoestrogens that affect the normal level of estrogen in the body. Only two glasses of soy milk per day can affect the menstrual cycle.
  2. Hemagglutinin content – Hemagglutinin is the substance that causes the red blood cells to turn into small blood clots (thrombosis).
  3. Genetic changes – Soybean is one of the plants that is most often obtained by genetic modification. The effects of these changes on the human body are not yet known.
  4. The content of piths – Fitters retain the absorption of minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc).
  5. Aluminum content – Soy beans have a high content of aluminum that affects the normal functioning of the nervous system and kidneys.
  6. The content of isoflavones – These substances can stimulate the growth of cancer cells in case of breast cancer.
  7. Goitrogen content – Goitrogen blocks the synthesis of thyroid hormones.

So, maybe soy milk it’s a vegetable milk with many benefits for our health, but also the bad effect on our body is high.

Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Neem Oil

Each part of the neem (tree, branch, leaf, shell, fruit, flowers and root) is beneficial by the content of a special compound called azadirachtin, which offers anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic properties to neem. In this article you will find out some amazing benefits and uses of neem oil.

The oil obtained by cold pressing of the fruits and seeds of the neem tree varies from light brown to dark brown, depending on the method of processing.

It is a bitter-tasting oil due to triglycerides and triterpene compounds, known as non-volatile, with antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic and immunostimulant properties.

It has a lot of uses, being used for improving liver functions, for detoxification, for balancing the level of sugar in the blood and for the health of hair and skin.

• Apply weekly neem oil on your hair in order to have healthy hair.

• It is an excellent natural treatment for dandruff and dry scalp. Antimatter shampoos from the market contain neem oil

• Can be used to “stretch” harsh and curly hair. Add a few drops of neem oil in your shampoo, apply it on the hair and leave for a few hours. Hair will shine very well after drying.

• It is a safe way to remove the lice. Make a 1: 1 solution of neem oil and another oil and apply it scalp and hair and massage. Let it action for an hour and then wash the hair with shampoo. Repeat treatment once a week until the problem is resolved.

  • It is a great remedy for eczema, psoriasis and acne.

• Its astringent properties help heal minor cuts and wounds, soothe dry skin and itchiness.

• Contains antioxidants that protect the skin from environmental damage.

• Contains carotenoids, which protect the skin from signs of aging by free radical releasing

  • It is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, so it is easily absorbed by the skin, rejuvenating it and improving its elasticity. Wrinkles and light lines will smooth out if it’s used regularly

4 Drugs That Can Make You Gain Weight

If you try to lose weight and you don’t succeed in any way, maybe it’s time to take into account that are some drugs that can make you gain weight, many drugs that you never think about. Of course, health is always on the first place, but you can discuss alternative treatments with your doctor if you suspect that a drug has this effect on you.
Surprisingly, the drugs that make you get fat are quite common and many people take them constantly.

Antidepressants – Not all pills of this type make you gain weight, but paroxetine does; for example, may have fattening effects. On long term, fluoxetine and citalopram can lead to fattening because of all the changes they make in the body. If you also take this type of drugs that make you get fat, you should talk to your doctor about other possible treatments.

Antihistamines – They are among the most common medications that make you get fat and are used by a lot of people who do not know they have this side effect. Histamine is a substance that plays an important role in regulating appetite, and blocking it can affect your appetite and make you eat more food than you should. Not all antihistamines have this effect.

Diabetes medicines – It is ironic that diabetes drugs can you make gain weight, and too much weight is a major risk factor for the health of those who suffer from this disease. There are many types of treatments that regulate insulin production in the body, and if you notice that you can not keep up with your weight, despite all efforts, it’s important to change the medicine because a normal weight greatly reduces your risk of complications in diabetes.

Contraceptives and hormonal treatments – You probably already knew that contraceptives may have this undesirable effect on the body, but most of the time it is about water retention. In some cases, because of the circulation problems they can cause, oral contraceptives contribute to the appearance of cellulite. Of all these types of pills, those based on progesterone cause long-term fattening, so they should be avoided.

Why You Should Sleep With A Pillow Between Your Legs

I’m sure many people sleep with a pillow between their legs and they didn’t know that is actually a very good thing.  Sleeping with a pillow between your knees can be beneficial. You need a firmer pillow,  and if you have one with memory foam is perfect. Today you will find out why you should sleep with a pillow between you legs!

Benefits of sleeping with a pillow between knees:

1. The pressure and muscular tension in the lumbar region are eliminated and the legs will be more comfortable

2. The spine is supported and the vertebrae naturally sit due to the position of the legs, hips and knees

3. Reduces the pain of people who suffer of low back pain, muscle cramps, varicose veins and sciatica

4. The lower part of the body is raised and provides a deep, restful sleep

5. Protects the knees through the space created between the legs

6. Prevents rotation of the hips and a faulty sleep position

7. Improves blood circulation

8. Prevents the muscular tension of the legs, especially of the calves

9. Helps pregnant women to have a restful sleep

How To Cool A Drink In 2 Minutes

During summer, we all want something cold to drink. In the hot season, sometimes happens to desire a cold drink right in the moment we don’t have a cold one and you eager to feel more refreshed.  If you organize a party, you have unannounced guests or you just forgot to refrigerate the drinks you wanted cold, we have a quick trick for you.

You need:

  • water
  • ice cubes
  • salt

Take a bowl and fill a half of it with tap water. Add ice cubes and 2-3 tablespoons of salt. Mix! Place the drinks you want to cool and mix after 1 minute. The temperature of a drink will drop by about 19 degrees. This simple trick can be used for any type of drink, refreshing or alcoholic. The only requirement is to be tightly closed.

Why does this mixture works?

Normally, the ice melts as quickly as water freezes. By adding salt, the balance of frost and melting is ruined, causing water to frost harder. The melting phenomenon of ice requires a lot of energy, this energy is taken over from the warmth of the warm object (what is meant to be cooled).
The principle on which this phenomenon is based is the principle of thermodynamics, two substances with different temperatures will, over time, reach the thermal equilibrium.

So, from now on you can cool your drink very very fast!

How Depression Affects Your Brain Structure

It seems that nowadays, more and more people suffer from depression. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, around 350 million people of all ages suffer from mental disorders due to depression. You probably also have moments when you feel tired and exhausted, creating the favorable environment for the development of anxiety and depression.

Depression can take you out of your comfort zone and so you will not be able to practice ordinary activities in your everyday life. No, medical treatment is not the best solution, I rather recommend you take action and make changes in your lifestyle.

A recent study has found that people suffering from depression have a smaller hippocampus. This research used magnetic resonance in the brain, on over 8,930 people, all over the world. 1,728 of them suffered from chronic depression. The rest of 7,199 did not suffer from depression. Thus, they found that 65% of people diagnosed with depression had a much smaller hippocampus.

According to Professor Ian Hickie:

“The longer the depression episode is, the more the hippocampus is reduced. So, the more you stay in this mood, the more your hippocampus will suffer. Here comes the next question: what happens first, does the hippocampus decrease or does depression occur?

Other studies have shown that the reversibility effect exist and the hippocampus is that unique brain area that regenerates the connections between the cranial cells very quickly.

If you take the right measures to prevent and treat depression, you will be a great help to your brain! Opt for allopathic medicine and eat a lot of fish oil! ”

Also, studies show that in the hippocampus there is a connection between heart and brain.
Our feelings are transposed to the brain through electromagnetic codes, so, in this way the brain will tell us how to react. Thus, researchers say that when we experience negative feelings, they severely affect our brain.

Now that you’ve found out what role emotions play in maintaining your cranial health, it’s time to make some changes in your behavior.

This Drink Will Help You Lose 4 Kg In 5 Days

Getting rid of belly fat is truly hard work for every woman who has ever tried it. A flat belly is the result of a good relationship between the diet and lifestyle. Your main friends when fighting the fat are sports and balanced diet. They say the secret to the perfect belly is 10% exercise and 90% food. The food is very important to any diet but is crucial to winning the fight with the belly fat.

We are eager to present a new drink that will change the way your body keeps the fat away and sees the present fat simply melt away.

The recipe is easy to prepare, it is efficient and very soon you will fall in love with it.

Proceed as following:

Get a handful of parsley in the blender and next pour the juice from a lemon on top of it.

Pour about 500 ml of water on top and mix until you get a homogenous mass.

You will soon discover yourself the fact that parsley is an excellent ingredient for digestion and is rich in vitamins, while lemons are great detox fruits and help remove water excess from the body, a thing that is essential to losing weight.

Start your days with a small dose of the drink on an empty stomach.

It is highly recommendable for you to drink it for 5 days, then take a 10 days break and proceed with the drink again.

You can repeat this until you obtain the wanted results.

Remember that juices sold in markets are not natural and they cannot help you with your diet. Stay away from all the soft drinks if you dream of a slim figure.

You can replace all these with natural options such as parsley tea, or simple water infused with fruit and vegetables slices.

You need to be drinking as much water as possible in order to increase fat burning processes.

The 7 Things Everyone Needs to Get Rid Of to Be Instantly Happier

Happiness is a state of mind and it is rather difficult to obtain these days. Our mental well-being and happiness depend on our ability to let things go and look at the picture from a new perspective. If you want to be happy and it seems like a tough job, consider getting rid of these things:

  1. This is among the most important things that ruin your mood. Measuring your success and life to others is most definitely not going to leave you happy. Let go of comparison and accept your life and achievements just as they come.
  2. Avoid exhaustion, don’t wake up tired. Take your time to unwind and relax during the night. Commit to a curfew and get more organized. This is one secret of happy people.
  3. Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of the excuse that you can’t have it. Ditch excuses and find arguments to commit to your desires.
  4. Yet another killer of happiness, guilt is holding you back from reaching happiness. Let go of the past and the things you could not accomplish and focus on the present and what you can really do in order to change your life.
  5. Pretty much like guilt, regret is also keeping you at a distance from the original state of bliss. Give yourself a break and room for error.
  6. Grudges are intoxicating and not healthy. If you start learning how to let grudges go and focus on yourself you will very soon start to see life differently.
  7. Clutter is suffocating and very often you will find yourself searching for things lost in the clutter instead of enjoying them outside this.

Get in the habit of cleaning out your life if you want to achieve happiness.

The One Word That Can Instantly Change Your Mood

Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. This is one thought that haunts our generation and for good reason. We are so absorbed in our daily occupations that very often forget to breathe and take a look around us, to notice all the things that could make us happy.

I have come to this eye opening conclusion as I went to a hipster cool place for a coffee and a few hours’ of writing. The thing was at some point, I was surprised to discover the fact that my fancy coffee was almost gone, and I have forgotten to enjoy it, because I was too busy and focused on writing.

So, it struck me, I’ve been so busy focusing on the things I had to do, that I have completely ignored the things that make me happy and are fun.

Not experiencing happy and fun things transforms life in a boring experience.

So, I decided to switch it up. My secret word is Pleasure and I’ve decided to give it as much importance as possible.

  1. Have a trigger. Have a ritual and include pleasure in it. It is very important to build the ritual on things that you enjoy and that make you happy.
  2. Set reminders. It may sound weird, but setting a reminder every now and then, when you least expect it, with the word PLEASURE is going to surprise you and break down the monotony.
  3. Tune into your senses. Enjoy the things around you. Take time to feel your sheets and cotton pajamas instead of just falling into the bed in a daze. Savor the softness of your clothes and fabric instead of just putting them on and taking them off.

Just seeing the word Pleasure is going to remind you to relax and enjoy your day.

Useful Tips To Stop Dizziness

Is dizziness something that affects you often? Dizziness is described as a health affection that is described by losing your balance and weird sounds and feelings in your ears. Dizziness can be caused by a lot of things from issues with the internal ears, viral infections, wax in the ear, poor blood circulation, dehydration, side effects from medicine and postural hypotension.

Most of the times dizziness stop by themselves but there are cases when they lead to serious consequences. There are people that are so affected by dizziness that they give up any sport activities.

Dizziness and memory loss that appear when looking down are caused by poor blood circulation to the brain.

Dizziness followed by fainting are signs of heart problems, or vascular accident especially if they are followed by talking issues, poor eyesight and losing control of arms and legs.

If you want to keep dizziness under control follow the advices:

  1. Keep calm and don’t move your head. Wait for your arterial tension to get back to normal. Sit down but be careful not to do any sudden moves.
  2. Search for a balance point. If you feel dizzy, put your fingers on something that is not moving and look at it. Your brain will receive the message that you are not moving.
  3. Slowly move your legs. You need to get your blood moving, because this will get blood to your brain and you will feel better faster.
  4. Don’t adopt a lazy lifestyle, always be on the move. This will help your muscles get stronger.
  5. Wear low heels. This will help your brain process information about your posture and will prevent your inner ear from getting confused.
  6. Keep away from soft carpets. This will make you lose control over the ground and be confusing to your body.
  7. Drink lots of water because dehydration is also a cause of dizziness.
  8. Stay away from salt.
  9. Drink ginger tea, this is a famous treatment for movement sickness.