Find Out What Your Nail Shape Says About You

You can tell a lot about a person if you analyze their clothes, hairstyle or make-up style. But have you ever wondered what is the secret that reveals, unconsciously, the way someone cuts his nails? This is a very interesting topic, long debated on the internet lately.

It is said very ofen that the eyes are the window to the soul, but also nails can transmit a lot about a person’s personality and character. We just have to know how to interpret.

Keep reading this article to find out what kind of person you are, compared with your nail shape.

  1. The long, vertical nail shape

You have a quiet temperament and you’re an incurable romantic . The right half of your brain is probably much developed than the left , which means that you are quite often guided by emotions , not logic reasoning. You are meticulous and creative , but often feel overwhelmed by problematic situations that arise around you.

  1. Rectangular, wider nail shape

Your some kind of choleric and you prefer better theory, not practice. The left half of your brain is more developed , which means that your thirst for knowledge guides all your actions. You always say what you think, but you’re unpatient and have quite a temper.

  1. Rounded, egg-shaped nail

You’re quiet, detached, relaxed and cherish peace and understanding. You like to do things at your own rhythm, but also to socialize with others. If any fight arises, you’re always the mediator, the one who tries to ease the conflict. You have a pleasant personality , which many consider desirable.4.     QuadraticYou are serious and stubborn. Perseverance and courage are the words that best describes you and you turn it into a magnet for men. Unfortunately, sometimes you’re a little stiff and inflexible, even stubborn. Because of this, it is hard to get along well with everyone.

Find Out What Your Nail Shape Says About You

How To Lose 4-5 kilos In A Week With Miraculous Parsley Diet

Parsley is one of the most popular ingredient, used more often as an ornament, ignoring the benefits of this plant for health.

Besides, parsley contains four times more vitamic C than orange, being a good stabilizer. Once inside the body, parsley root is excellent for the liver, a very good incentive for the kidneys and water retention. Parsley leaves and steams tea is an amazing cure for kidney stones. Besides vitamin C, parsley also contains 20% protein, flavonoids(with effect in maintaining the blood cells), essential oils, iron, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, inositor, sulfur, vitamin K and beta-carotene.

More than that, parsley salad reduces body weight in a healthy way, without unbalancing the vitamins in the body.

In this articles I will share with you a parsley diet, that will help you lose 4-5 kilos in only 1 week! Keep reading to find out more about this miraculous diet.

How to prepare parley salad:

You will need the leaves and the stalks from 6 knots of parsley. Chop them finelly. Add an equal quantity of mint leaves finely chopped, 1 tablespoon of wheat, crushed and soaked in water for 30 minutes, 1 big also chopped tomato, and the juice from 1 lemon.

Eat this salad throughout the day, every time you feel hungry. You can also consume:

  • 1 cup of black coffee or a fruit (orange, banana, grapefruit, strawberries or apples) as breakfast
  • Boiled or grilled chicken breast with 1 apple or 1 pear as a lunch
  • 1 boiled egg, 1 carrot and 1 apple as dinner
  • Between meals you can eat a small yogurt or a fruit, but no more than 100-200 gr.

This parsley diet should be followed for a week, if you want to lose 4-5 kilos. Also, drink 2 liters of liquid per day,(water, unsweetened tea) and avoid juices.

How To Lose 4-5 kilos In A Week With Miraculous Parsley Diet

What Happens If You Use Mouthwash On Oily Hair

Sebum plays an important role in our organism, but the excess leads to oily and lifeless hair, sometimes even several hours after washing. Therefore, you need the best treatment for oily hair. People with thick and voluminous hair are the most prone to graisy hair. Often, this gives it an untidy appearance and an unpleasant smell. Oily hair can be caused by hormonal problmes, texture, use of birth control pills or steroids, or genetic problemes.

Before using treatments for oily hair, keep in mind that a very important part in the fight against sebum is the shampoo, especially when it is applied on the roots of the hair. When you shampoo your hair, massage your scalp well. If the hair is still greasy after washing, shampoo twice next time and don’t hesitate to wash your hair every day to make sure you get rid of the problem.

The conditioner use is tricky, because it can be a very important element for you oiliness hair. If you still choose to use it, spread it only on the length on the hair, not on the roots. Don’t use it after every shampooing, but only once or twice a weekn. Also, choose a conditioner according to your affection; you need a balm without many oily ingredients in it’s composition.

The newest trend in terms of how to treat oily hair is mouthwash. Yes, you read it well, mouthwash.

Why to use mouthwash on your hair and what benefits does it have on it? Well, mouthwash is not only efficient in cleaning the mouth, but also has beneficial effects on the scalp, because of it’s antifungal properties, very good in preventing dandruff.

How to use: In a cup, mix in equal parts, an infusion of walnut leaves and water for rinsing the mouth. Strain the composition and let it cool. After you normally wash and rinse your hair, use a cotton pad soaked in the infusion of walnut leaves  with mouthwash to pour the mixture on your scalp. By drying, the two solutions will gather astringent skin pores on the head. Soon, you will feel your head chilled and clean.

What Happens If You Use Mouthwash On Oily Hair

How To Use Onion To Have The Most Beautiful Eyebrows

We all dream to have the most beautiful and thick eyebrows. To obtain them, we turn to trends, without thinking that maybe is not what it fits for us. This, or we just misinterpret trends and the final result is devastating. Make-up artists tell us since forever that the best eyebrows are the natural ones, so maybe we should just believe them.

Next, in this article, you will find out a guide for how to to have amazing eyebrows, and how to increase their growth with a special ingredient.

Maybe it will sound crazy, but the newest trend in having great eyebrows is treating them with…. Onion. This remedy is excellent if you have problems with the thickeness or growth of your eyebrows. Onions contain a significant amount of sulfur, a chemical element that accelerates hair growth. Due to the sulfur, the hair wires will become thicker and stronger. Also, they will also shine without using special ingredients for their make-up.

How to obtain the most beautiful eyebrows

  1. Let them grow

Let your eyebrows grow, and be patient. Even if they are very thin, in 2 months you will reach for their natural form. Take care of them by using castor oil and brush them every day with ½ of an onion in order to accelerate growth. And refrain yourself when you feel like you can’t stand the unsightly increased wires. Soon you will get rid of them.

  1. Perfect shape according to your face

Go to a specialist what will help you eyebrows regain their natural shape, without unthicken them.

  1. Maintenance and eyebrow make-up

For maintain you eyebrows clean and natural, you only need tweezers, sharp scissors, a brush, a pencil and a fixer. Clip the rebel hair wires growed out of the line. Brush the eyebrows from time to time and cut too long wires. Use eyebrow pencil or shadow in ther shade to define them. Finally, fix them with a special pen or wax fixing.

How To Use Onion To Have The Most Beautiful Eyebrows: you can keep use onion to rub your eyebrows everyday, even if they already have a perfect shape. This miraculous vegetable will keep them strong and shiny.

How To Use Onion To Have The Most Beautiful Eyebrows

What You Need To Know About Cockroaches In Lipstick

Lipsticks represent an all time present accessory in a woman’s bag. Colors, flavors and texture are the most diverse, for all tastes, but have you ever wondered how are they manufactured?

The internet shows us what are the methods of making lipsticks and what kind of ingredients are used to fabric them.

One lipstick can contain dozens of ingredients and mixtures, that are usually kept secret. Typically, the ingrediends are classified into several categories: Waxes, oils and fats, softeners and pigments. The different types of wax used in lipsticks include beewax, paraffin and carnauba wax. Wax stabilizes the lipstick and helps in making it’s shape.

Also, in the manufacture of lipsticks, there are different types of oils, including lanolin oil, castor oil, olive oil and cacao butter. Oils and fats provide suitable liptick texture: soft enough to be applied on the lips but firmly enough that does not melt. Emollients are making your favorite lipstick more moisturizing and could include vitamin E and aloe vera.

Lipsticks are manufactured in batches. After being formulated, the ingredients must be carefully combined so the final lot to have a color consistency, uniformity and optimal texture. In fact, this process brigns much to colored pencils manufacture. Pigment and other dry ingredients are finely grounded, so they will be smooth and distributed in the mix, then combined with heated oils.

However, what makes the difference in the consummer’s mind is the pigment. Lipstick color is made due to a combination of ingredients, mineral or synthetic.

Insanely, the cockroaches are the source of the color, often labeled as carmin or cochineal low extract. Cosena insects are killed by using steam, then dried, and processed to create a bright color that is not toxic or carcinogenic, unlike some other red dye substances used in the past. Lipsticks can contain preservatives, such as alcohol or sunscreens, or even perfume.

What You Need To Know About Cockroaches In Lipstick

How To Prevent Cancer In a Natural Way

In low developed countries, less than a fifth of people reach the age of 70 years and more than a third of all deaths occur among children younger than 15 years. The leading cause of death are the infectious diseases such as respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

In contrast, in high developed countries, more than two thirds of the population, are older than 70 years, most reported death being caused by chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, COPD, various cancers, diabetes and dementia. In 2008, almost 12,7 milions new cases of cancer were diagnosed worldwide and aprox. 7,6 milions people died from this disease. Therefore, cancer has become a major public health problem. But if a man in three can be saved through good nutrition and physical exercise, surely it’s time to take some actions.

There are many factors that can provoke cancer. Of course, some of these factors and unmodifiable, such as aging or a genetic predisposition. The American Institute for Cancer Research estimates that 34% of all cancers could be prevented by simple changes in our lifestyles.

In this article you will find a few advices for how to prevent cancer, in the most simple way, by changing your lifestyle.

  1. Quit smoking – Quit or limit the consumption of alcohol
  1. Try to choose healthier ways to preserve and prepare food. Avoid drinking hot beverages or foods.
  2. Choose to eat at home, home cooked food, less processed.
  3. It is recommended to limit the consumption of red meat and avoid or eliminate from your meals processed foods.
  4. Eat at least 5 dishes of vegetables and fruit each day.
  5. Consume dietary fiber
  6. Keep your proper body weight.
  7. Limit the consumption of high caloric foods and avoid sugary drinks.
  8. Do sport every day. Be active at least 30 minutes a day.

How To Prevent Cancer In a Natural Way

How To Detox Your Liver At Home

Detox your body is essential to get rid of many diseases. Many of us are facing these days with weight problems, especially as we age, and our metabolism considerably slows. And although there are a number of ways to help us lose weight, diet and exercise are among the most effective, the only thing you need in order to maintain your weight is a healthy liver.

Liver detoxification is not as difficult as you may think, not even so disgusting as it sounds. This requires a preliminary period of seven days, because it is essential that you prepare and strengthen your liver and colon for future work. This is important, because if you don’t do it, experts warn that you could end up even more bloated, constipated and toxic than you were before you begin. And you could cancel any attempt to lose weight.

In order to avoid unnecessary bad moods and maximize weight loss, there are some simple steps you can follow for seven days. These steps are:

After each day of the seven days, choose to consume the next king of vegetables, good for your liver:

  • Cruciferous
  • Green vegetables and plants
  • Citrus
  • Foods rich in sulfur

Try to include in your menu every day the following foods good for the colon: psyllium and bran, apples, carrots, pears and berries. Drink a number of purified water equal to half of your body weight. Consume at least two tablespoons of brown or gren algae, or spirulina. Make sure to include in your meals every day one or two tablespoons of olive oil.

After seven days you are ready for detoxifying your body with one special juice, designed to cleanse impurities from your liver and other tissues: put in a tea infuser cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cranberry water and let it simmer for 20 minutes. After cooling, add orange juice and lemon. Drink every day 2 liters of this juice, and 2 liters of filtered water.

How To Detox Your Liver At Home

The Fabulous Benefits Of Rice Water

Rice water is fantastic in helping you to have a shinier hair and healthier skin. One miraculous Asian rice water recipe is the ultimate trend in natural beauty and skin and hair care. Once you try it, you will never throw the water in which you boil the rice.

In this article you will discover this ancient Asian recipe that makes miracles with your hair and skin. It is a recipe that has gained popularity because of the internet and now the whole world speaks about the effiency and simplicity of only two ingredients: water and rice. It is said that the rice water is the secret of the japanese women’s beauty. But this recipe is traditionally used by women from both China and Southeast Asia, because of it’s beneficial properties for skin and hair. In addition, rice water is also recommended by Ayurveda specialists, having superior quality in artificial beauty products.

The tradition of washing hair with rice water is extensively practiced by women of the Yao ethic group, in Huangluo, China. These women can boast an average length of the hair of approximately 1,828 meters, the village entering the Record Book as the village where are living the women with the logest hair in the world. Also, Yao women say their hair has turned gray at 80 years old.

The method of preparation is absolutely simple. The only thing you have to do is to boil the rice in water, just that, for this procedure, you will need more water than you normally would use, so that the rice will not absord all the water. Strain very well the water, until it remains no grain of rice. You can drink this water, or you can just wash your hair and face with it. The treatment can be kept in the refrigerator, but no more than 4 days.

The Fabulous Benefits Of Rice Water

Natural Remedies For Foot Fungus

Foot fungus it is not an attractive subject to debate. Also, there are not many people that admit that they have this problem. However, this affection is real and common, and can be treated very easy, with no pain.

There are several types of foot fungus that affect the fingernails, the most common being Onychomycosis, which has four different subtypes. Nail fungus begins as a small, white or yellow stain on the nail. As the infection spreads more and more under the nail, other symptoms appear. Eventually, the fungus will spread, affecting the entire nail, which harms any growth of the nail.

There is a number of things you can check to estimate whether you have or not foot fungus:

  • Discolouration under the nail, usually green, yellow or white
  • Soft nails
  • Unusually thick nails
  • Smelly nails
  • Distorted nail shape
  • Nails that separate from the nail bed

However, there are a number of natural remedies against foot fungus, validated by paciens and scientific evidence. Here are a few of them:

  1. Thyme oil

Apply some thyme oil on the affected nail twice a day until the infections has cleared.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

It can be used against fungal infection in two ways: you can drink 2 tablespoons of vinegar mixed with 235 ml of water three times a day to balance pH, or you can massage the affected areas there times a day with a mixture made of 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of water.

  1. Tea tree

Full of antiviral, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, apply this oil directly on the affected skin and gently massage. This powerful oil is used in treating insect bites, cuts,, grazes, sores, candidiasis and foot fungus.

  1. Turmeric

Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder with water or lemon juice until you get a smooth paste. Apply this mixture on the nail and let it act until it dries. Wash the feet and dry it with a cotton towel.

Natural Remedies For Foot Fungus

How to cure HPV naturally

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is actually more prevalent than believed, approximately 90% of the population contacting it. Fortunately, a good percentage of them manage to reject it thanks to their immune system. This virus shows over 100 variants which are transmitted among humans, but also in animals. Of all these options, over 40 can infect genitals and the anus. Regarding the risk of developing uterine cancer, option 16 and 18 are the ones with the bigger risk, but you must be aware of the fact that HPV infection predispose to cancer all the epithelial area. The HPV infection can occur wherever there is epithelial tissue: skin, mucosal, uterine, vaginal, anal, urethral, mouth, etc.

While speaking about genital HPV, it is believed that about 75% of sexual active people  contacts it, this king of infection being one of the most common sexually transmitted desease. HPV is not symptomatic for all it’s carries, becoming “visible” when infected cells begin to devide uncontrollably, creating the appearance of warts in those specific areas.

What it is important to keep in mind is that regardless of whether the HPV lesion has been removed, it is not unique, so this infection is not going to heal forever. There are surely some others infected cells, maybe not visible, that will “explode” when your immunity is low. Therefore, if you have HPV and you are pregnant, the risk of transmission this infection to the baby is high.

Preventing this infection is difficult, because this virus can be taken by touch, wearing common clothes with the infected ones, or even at the pool. Sure, there are some natural remedies that can be placed usually in your diet, helping the immunity to keep high.

You can use:

  • White currant syrup
  • Propolis tincture
  • Sea buckthorn syrup
  • Blackcurrant syrup
  • Propolis and lime syrup
  • Echinacea
  • Internal douches with marigold tea
  • Yarrow tea

How to cure HPV naturally