Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Dairy Products

A young woman, impressed by Khloe Kardashian’s body, decided to search on the internet her secret to loose weight. She found a celebrity statement saying she had renounced on dairy products and managed to lose weight. The woman, who consumed milk and cheese, gave up on them and managed to lose weight in a month and a half not less than 5 pounds just by giving up dairy products. Find out things that happen when you stop eating diary products.

Before giving up on delicious milk products, you should also read the opinion of a nutritionist. Brooke Alpert says that is you stop consuming dairy products means giving up on consuming sugar (because all milk products contain sugar). This will surely lead to weight loss.

Many people have noticed that by giving up on milk they have not felt bloated anymore. This is true, because even if you do not have lactose intolerance, dairy produce a little bloating.

In addition, giving up on milk-derived products helps to maintain a healthy skin without acne.

No doctor will recommend the total exclusion of this highly healthy group of food for the human body. Doctors recommend reducing portions as much as you can in order to lose weight.

This could mean 200 ml of Greek yoghurt, 30 grams of cheese or 250 ml of milk, no more than twice a day.

Dairy products are digesting harder because they contain casein (a milk protein). Individuals with a more sensitive digestive system will experience bloating, flatulence, constipation and inflammation in the body when consuming dairy products.

Avoid and quit on dairy products that contain no fat or have very little fat, because the fat is not the enemy of our silhouette, the sugar is.

Doctors advise us to choose fatty dairy products, butter, milk or cheese because they are more easily assimilated by our body.

Here Is Why You Should Never Carry Your Phone In Your Pocket

Despite the fact that they were designed to fit perfectly into the pocket, specialists find that mobile phones should be held in the bag. American physician Devra Davis studied the effects of radiation from mobile phones and has no good news at all.

The specialist says that the radiation from the cell phone is used in medicine to treat liver cancer. Thus, radiation breaks down the blood-brain barrier, which helps the brain against foreign substances that could hurt it.

“Radiation exposure limits may be violated when the phone is positioned less than 15 millimeter from the body , for example, when holding the cell phone in your pocket,” says Devra.

She even presented a particular case: a young woman who developed breast tumors after having held the phone in her bra for several months.

Another study, published in 2009, shows that the phone that is held in the pocket affects male fertility.

The solution is to keep the mobile phone at 1.5 centimeters away from the body, so the radiation level is very low. Another way to use your mobile phone without harming your health is to keep it in the protective case.

So, keeping your mobile phone so close to your body, like in your pocket, can be very harmful for your health, due to the radiations that mobile phones emit. In conclusion, try to keep your phone in your bag and while you sleep as far as you can.

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Coffee 7 Days

Coffee is part of the morning routine of many people. On average, 80% of adults consume around 200 mg of caffeine daily. If you find it hard to give up for seven days on the world’s most popular drink, it means you’re probably already having an addiction. Find out what happens to your body when you stop drinking coffee 7 days.

How to know if you are addicted to coffee:

  • You think drinking coffee
  • You worry when you do not have coffee
  • Continue to drink coffee even if it affects your health
  • You have developed a tolerance for coffee and you need higher doses
  • Manifest the symptoms of a withdrawal when you quit coffee (irritability, anxiety, fatigue, trembling of hands)

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Coffee 7 Days:

  • Loss of appetite for unhealthy food
  • Higher resistance to stress
  • According to the American Association of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapies, caffeine from coffee affects sleep cycle, brain oxygenation, metabolism and neurotransmitters responsible for memory and cognitive processes.
  • Paraxanthin from coffee blocks adenosine receptors, which means increasing adrenaline levels and diastolic tension. This means that when we drink coffee, our body behaves exactly like a threat, triggering a “fight or run” reaction.

What Actually Are The Brown Spots on Fruits and Vegetables

You have certainly noticed that most apples, pears or potatoes are prone to small brown spots on peels. Have you ever wondered what these are? The small spots, no bigger than a needle prick, are called lenticules and are very important. Today you will find out more information about these small brown spots.

What is their role? Just like humans, vegetables and fruits need fresh air. Fresh air for fruits and vegetables means carbon dioxide. Flowers, trees, plants, all inspire carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. But, unlike humans, they have no nostrils, they have lenticules.

Through these small holes, plants and vegetables absorb carbon dioxide and eliminate oxygen.

Like any open pore, lenticels are prone to disease and infection. The most common diseases is the breakdown of lenticel, which occurs due to a nutrient deficiency and forms those brown spots on the fruit peel. These spots do not affect the inside of the fruit, but it makes the apple, for example, no longer look so appealing on the outside.

The breakdown of lenticel also affects the texture of the fruit or vegetables. The spots will get a rough and uneven appearance, like a weird rash.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair To Be Healthy?

For sure you asked, at least once in your life, how often it is advisable to wash your hair, in order to be healthy. Experts argue that there is not one answer for this question, but certain aspects need to be taken into account when deciding the periodicity of hair washing.

A first element that should be taken into account is the type of skin. If your skin and hair are neither fat nor dry, then you have to wash your hair only once or twice a week.

The second element you should take into account is the texture of the hair. People with harsh or curly hair are more fortunate because sebum is spreading harder, so in their case, hair washing once a week is enough. People with fine and straight hair have to wash their hair two or three times a week.

The third aspect is related to the use of styling products. If your hair is damaged due to repeated hair stylings, it should be washed less often. Products such as hairspray, foam or hair wax only make up the hair and give it an unsightly look when are used in excess. If you can not stop using styling products, try to wash your hair no more than every two days.

Dermatologists and haistylists warn that too frequent hair washing actually causes more harm than good because it leads to the loss of important oils, which leads to hair damage over time. Despite the fact that the level of sebum differs from person to person and in some cases the hair can become shiny after only one day after washing, no person should take a bath every day.

“Shampoo dries the scalp and the glands will produce more sebum,” says dermatologist Angela Lamb.

Carbs You Should Eat To Lose Weight

It is said that you should quit eating carbohydrates if you want to lose weight. What many people doesn’t know is that you have to quit eating the bad carbohydrates, not the good ones. Today you will find out carbs you should eat in order to lose weight.

A balanced diet includes: proteins, minerals, vitamins, fiber and carbohydrates. Many people give up carbohydrates because are the main fattening source, forgetting that these carbohydrates are essential in a balanced diet. Carbohydrates give energy to our body.

Carbohydrate-rich foods that you should include in your diet if you want to lose weight are:

Baked potatoes – Potatoes are rich in good carbohydrates. An average potato contains about 50g of carbohydrates and no fat. A baked potato a day has 100 calories and is an excellent source of potassium and vitamin C.

Whole grains – Whole grain bread or brown rice are good substitutes for white bread and white rice when we want to lose weight.

Vegetables (beans, peas, lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, peanuts) – Rich in fiber, vegetables are an important source of good carbohydrates, proteins and fiber. For those who do not consume meat, these vegetables are the perfect substitute.

Pasta – Athletes do not avoid them, so you should not do it either. No matter what form you choose, pasta must be integral. Rich in carbohydrates, you should not eat them alongside cheese or meat. For diets, a combination of tomato paste sauce and pasta is recommended.

Fruits – Rich in vitamins and in calories, fruits should be consumed moderately and preferably only in the morning when we keep diets. Bananas, peaches, and berries can be eaten at breakfast  with a low-fat yogurt and nuts.

What Really Happens To Your Body When You Sneeze

Scientists have been studying the human body for thousands of years to understand as many of its functions, but our body is always  proving to be a surprising machine. The banal sneeze, with which we are all so familiar, conceals a surprising secret. Specialists have come to an amazing conclusion.

During sneezing, all body functions stop, including the heart. What is the explanation?

An sneeze begins with a feeling of tickling at the end of the nerves that sends a message to the brain that needs a release of an irritating thing that is in the mucosa of the nose. To begin with, we will deeply inspire, which will strengthen the chest muscles. The air pressure in the lungs increases, we close our eyes, the tongue will press the palate, and then the air will quickly come out on the nose.

The pressure in the chest that changes during sneezing also changes the blood flow, and the heart  “jumps a heartbeat” according to cardiologist Richard Conti.

It is also interesting that a sneeze leaves the oral cavity at a speed of about 250 km / h, this is the reason why it is dangerous when we try to control it. If it’s too strong, it can break a coastline. Also, if trying to retain the sneeze, a vein can break, which can have fatal consequences.

The Reason Why Fried Vegetables Are Healthier Than Boiled Ones

When it comes to vegetables, everyone knows that fresh or boiled vegetables are the healthiest, and the fried ones are harmful, though they taste much better. It looks like everything you knew about fried vegetables was wrong. It seems that fried vegetables are healthier than boiled vegetables. Find out why!

A study conducted at the University of Granada, in Spain, tried to identify cooking methods that eliminate the properties of phenols and antioxidants in most Mediterranean vegetables. The experiment consisted of cooking 120 grams of potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes and eggplant in various methods (frying, sowing, boiling in water and boiling in a mixture of water and oil).

The results were amazing. Frying vegetables had an increased phenols (substances that prevent cancer, diabetes and loss of vision). If the fried vegetables already had a high content of phenols, the ones fried in extra virgin olive oil, this content is even higher.

The only disadvantage is that fried foods have an increased volume of calories, because this cooking method increases the amount of fat.
Boiling cooking methods preserve the properties of the food only if the water in which they are boiled is consumed.

Reasons You Should Change Your Pyjamas More Often

How often do you change your pyjamas? Why should you change your pyjamas as often as possible? According to DailyMail, men change their pyjamas at every 13 days, while women wear them for more than 17 days. The truth is that pyjamas need to be changed more often because they get dirty pretty quickly.

Reasons You Should Change Your Pyjamas More Often:

You’re stopping staphylococcus infections – Staphylococci are common microbes that we usually have on our skin, nose or mouth. They do not cause infections. But, wearing a pyjama for several days in a row leads to the multiplication of staphylococci. Staphylococci can then enter the open wounds.

Prevent acne and cysts – Acne is not the most pleasant skin condition. It is usually painful and have an unpleasant aesthetic appearance. Acne can usually be prevented. When you wear your pyjamas for many days in a row, dead cells, various bacteria, sebum, etc. are collected. This mixture presses and lead to infects the pores of the skin. The skin becomes infected, inflamed, and acne and cysts are formed.

Get rid of mites – Mites are microscopic beings that feed with dead skin, so you’ll find them on your bed and your pyjamas. A pair of pyjamas worn for a long period of time is full of mites and can lead to respiratory problems.

Get rid of unpleasant odors – A shower is not enough to get rid of unpleasant smells if you use the same pyjama many nights in a row.  During the night, pyjamas absorb the sweat that leads to bacteria multiplication. After the shower, try to dress up with clean clothes every time.

Get rid of insomnia – Sleeping in clean pyjamas means feeling comfortable, fresh and ready to bed. A dirty pyjama, full of sebum and dead skin cells will make you scratch and have insomnia.

How To Prevent Urinary Infections

Urinary infections manifest by urticaria in urination, the desire to go to the bath more often than usual, dizziness, nausea and sometimes even a feeling of vomiting. Beside the urination before and after having sex and eating cranberry or redcurrants, there are other ways to prevent urinary infections. In this article you will find out some tips on how to prevent urinary infections.

Urinary infections are no longer sensitive to antibiotic treatments, so many women choose to heal using natural remedies, avoiding the negative side effects of allopathic treatment.

Eat blueberries – Full of antioxidants, blueberries help us to fight against infections of any kind, including urinary tract infections.

Do not keep it – Whenever you feel the need to empty your bladder, do it! The urine stagnates in the bladder making it an environment that is extremely beneficial for bacterial growth.

Do not use absorbents anymore – A permanently moist environment favors the occurrence of urinary tract infections. Try using intravaginal tampons or menstrual cup.

Avoid certain contraceptive methods – Spermicides and diaphragms can cause urinary infection.

Avoid baths with foam – Baths with or without foam can accentuate the unpleasant symptoms of urinary infections. Give up on them in favor of showers.

Drink water! Optimal hydration means a more frequent urination (12 times a day). In this way the bacteria do not remain very long in the body, being eliminated.

Eat anti-inflammatory foods – Green tea, salads, strawberries, salmon and olive oil, besides being very healthy, can reduce the inflammation of the bladder and reduce the chances of an infection.