10 Surprising Uses Of Orange Peel

Oranges are delicious and nutritious fruits, but did you ever think that their shell is very useful? Here are 10 surprising uses of orange peel. In this article you will find out how to use orange peel! From now on, you will not throw it away!

1. Remove traces of stone

You definitely have in house metal containers that left traces of stone. You can easily remove traces by rubbing them with an orange peel. Oils contained in the orange peel will dissolve the stone and leave the container shiny.

2. Lighten the wood

The white part of orange peel provides shine of wooden furniture.

3. Sponge dish

Use fresh orange peel to clean the dishes. It acts like an excellent sponge. Works amazing to clean the stove

4. Cleaner

Put in a bowl the grated orange peel, cover with vinegar, and leave it in the refrigerator for several weeks. Occasionally stir the contents. Then, transfer the solution into a spray bottle and use it to clean windows, floors, tiles.

5. Insecticide
Ants, flies, mosquitoes, all will disappear because they do not like the orange smell. Put orange peel in areas where you have problems with insects and you will see that the insects will run in a moment.

6. Room freshner

Oranges have a fine and subtle flavor. You can prepare at home air freshener: let dry the orange peels, then give them throw the grinder coffee. Dust bags you can store in fine canvas, then sit them all over the house, in wardrobes, cupboards, etc.

7. Fresheners for trash

No matter what, garbage is garbage and smells. To further reduce the unpleasant odor of trash, put in the bottom of it some dried orange peel, then sit the trash bag.

8. Dissolves hardened brown sugar

If you want to prepare a cake and you noticed that brown sugar has hardened and is very difficult to use, squeeze the peel from an orange over the sugar an hour before using it. Contained  oils from orange will soften the sugar and you can use it without problems on the cake.

9. Refresh your shoes

After a day of work your shoes do not smell of spring flowers. But you can revive with … you guessed it! – Orange peel. When you come home from work, put on the shoes the bags from step 6 and leave them overnight. Odors will be absorbed.

10. Exfoliate body

Orange peel is a wonderful as a mild scrub. Put the orange peel in a clean gauze. Then clean the whole body, as if you have a special sponge. After the “treatment”  your skin will look toned, firm and shiny.

What Happens If You Put Lemon On Your Heels

If you are struggling with the problem of cracked heels, then we recommend you this amazing method and very effective as a treatment. First of all, you should know that any cream or ointment will not have such a result! The efficiency of this treatment is that dry skin from the heels is invigorated by the lemon peel.

  • To prepare this amazing mixture, you will need:
  • 1 large lemon
  • socks
  • moisturizer

What to do:

First, cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice from it. Treatment will only need a little fruit on the lemon peel. Then, apply half a lemon directly on the heel. After doing this, take a pair of socks keep on the feet the compress for 30 minutes.

Half an hour of relaxation and regeneration of skin on feet is not much, but the result will surely be amazing. After 30 minutes, take off your socks, throw lemon peel and look at your heels.

It is very important to know that both lemon peel, and pulp are rich in many essential oils that can soften and regenerate the skin. For this reason, the method is so effective. Dead skin cells can be easily cleaned. All you have to do is rub your heels!

The best part of this method is that you do not need to even brush your heels, because the result will be visible anyway. However, you should be aware because this treatment to be successful, it needs to be repeated 2-3 times in a week. If you do this treatment , then your skin will be soft and beautiful!

After this treatment, it is advisable to apply some moisturizer on your heels, then to wear the socks again. Keep in mind that shea butter has extraordinary effects on the heels. In addition, calendula cream or a mixture of glycerin and alcohol may be equally suitable treatment.

This treatment is very effective because lemon peel, nutrients from cream penetrates deep layers of the skin, making it soft and silky. So, try this treatment, because it really works! 

Internal Tampons vs External Tampons

During menstruation, all we want is to be as clean as possible. If we honestly could admit, no woman loves very much these days. The “dispute” about internal vs external tampons is subjective, because there  are supporters for both versions, so producers have every reason to produce both types of tampons. In this article I will talk about internal tampons vs external tampons.

On some of tampons prospects is written that 1%  of women may develop toxic shock syndrome, which is fatal. It is produced by a bacterium which is normally in the internal flora: Golden Staphylococcus, which in the right environment during menstruation develops very much.

If the internal tampon hurts vagina walls, MRSA infection enters into the blood causing a very dangerous infection. At first, it acts as a common cold, accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea and you don’t given it a special attention. When complications occur, most often it is too late.

It was treated with antibiotics and with a large amount of liquid. If these symptoms occurred once, it is likely to show another time. In the case of sexually transmitted diseases, internal tampons increase the risk of infection.

Candida and other fungi grow rapidly in the environment created by the presence of internal tampoo. There are women who appreciate internal tampons because they simply do not create any discomfort during menstruation.

So, in comparison with internal tampons, external tampons do not expose you to all these risks.

It is very recommended to maintain a strict hygiene, washing our hands before and after using internal tampons, keeping it for no more than four hours and never overnight.

Inside of the external tampons there are toxic substances such as asbestos and dioxin, which are used to give the appearance of pure white, but increase the unpleasant symptoms of menstruation and increase bleeding which of course leads to increased sales.

If menstrual bleeding lasts longer than seven days, you should visit a doctor. 

Foods That Destroy Cancer Cells and Suppress Tumors

In a world where we are bombarded with almost all kinds of chemicals, it is natural to look for the best solutions to counteract pollution, fight against free radicals and strengthen the our immune system. The researchers found that there is a molecule in the human body – ICT 10 – which activates a protein that helps the body to fight against cancer cells and suppress tumor growth.
Here are five foods that help the body to naturally inhibit tumor growth.

1. Turmeric
Curcumin has many benefits, thanks to strong antioxidants that it contains. Its beneficial effects have a wide scope of action of several diseases without side effects. A study at Munich reveals that turmeric inhibits the formation of metastases.

2. Grapes and Resveratrol
Resveratrol is an antioxidant not only a very strong one, but it reduces cell degeneration. Resveratrol is found in grapes and helps to reduce the development of cancer cells and precancerous.

3. Green Tea
Catechins from green tea is an amazing flavonoid  substance. It blocks the growth of tumors and necrosis and interferes with a chemical susbtance that leads to inflammation of the muscle cells and blood vessels.

4. Tomatoes
Carotenoids and lycopene from tomatoes are the most interesting substances that help the human body. They produce chemical mediators in the body that reduce inflammation.

5. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

No matter what kind of  fruits and vegetables we eat, if they are fresh, they bring to the body a lot of benefits. Starting from substances that inhibit the development of inflammation, fruits and vegetables contribute significantly to the reduction of cancer cells, especially in the case of colon cancer.

Super Easy Tricks to Wake Up With Perfect Hair

You probably consider that is impossible to wake up with your hair already arranged, like you see only in movies. How many times you make your hairstyle before to go to bed, in order to have beautiful hair when you wake up in the morning, but the result is reverse? But it’s time to find out that it’s not impossible to wake up with your hairstyle in a perfect way, ready to go to work.

Try these tricks and you will wake up with a perfect hair:

  • don’t go to sleep with your hair wet because the hair are more prone to break
  • if you use hair dryer, always dry your hair with cold air in order to prevent tangling. Also, do not completely dry your hair, leave it a little bit wet, to dry naturally
  • brush your hair every night before you go to bed
  • braid your hair before you go to bed to prevent its tangling and frizz
  • apply a few drops of coconut oil on the tips of your hair to prevent frizz and to give him shine. Do not apply oil to the scalp.
  • mix a little aloe vera gel with mineral water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray on hair every night before bed to give natural pH of hair and prevent frizz it.
  • a drop or 2 of your body lotion  will provide necessary moisture in your hair while you sleep. Apply on the tips, and then brush your hair
  • baby products are better than those for adults. Wash your hair with baby shampoo and apply baby oil on the hair tips before bedtime.
  • if you want to wake up with curly hair apply talcum powder on your scalp and braid your hair. Your hair will look great in the morning.
  • brush your hair and get him in a queue, then cover it with a cap before bedtime to solve the frizz problem
  • hair plastic clips are a better option than metal ones because you will not break hair while sleeping.

How To Test If Turmeric Powder Is Authentic Or False

Turmeric is a very powerful spice and natural health remedy. This root plays an important role in Ayurvedic medicine, where is used since thousands of years to treat inflammation. According to modern researchers, turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant undeniable proprieties. In this article you will find out how to test the turmeric powder in order to discover if it is authentic of false.

A study published in the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2009, compared the analgesic properties of the active ingredient of turmeric, curcumin, with those of ibuprofen on a total of 107 patients diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis. It was found that curcumin acted as effective in pain relief such as ibuprofen, the pharmaceutical substance.

According to the Annals of food fraud, turmeric powder is often adulterated with Sudan dye and a yellow dye called “yellow metanil”, a substance that is not being approved for human consumption and is considered a neurotoxin. In India, many foods are colored yellow metanil and lead chromate, and it appears that export turmeric is no exception to this practice.

Yellow metanil

Widely used in India for the production of sweets like jalebis, yellowmetanil is particularly dangerous. The dye can cause degenerative changes in the stomach, liver and kidney. It has also adversely effects on the ovaries and testicles.

Ingestion of colored food with this substance generates symptoms of dizziness and general weakness, or may even cause food poisoning.

How can you check the purity of turmeric that you bought from the market?
Dissolve a teaspoon of turmeric powder in 100 ml of warm water. Pour over mixture few drops of hydrogen peroxide. If the water takes on a pinkish, purple or reddish color, means that turmeric powder dissolved was adulterated with yellow metanil. 

What Happens If You Put a Clove Between Toes

“I think there is no country in the world that doesn’t know and researched the formidable medicinal qualities of this amazing plant” (Lalitha Thomas). Of course you understand that we talk about the garlic that is used over hundreds of years to treat various health problems. Many studies have been done to get to know better the active principles of garlic and its physiological effects.

Thus, some epidemiological studies published between 1966 and 1999 revealed the positive effect of consumption of garlic in preventing different types of cancers (colorectal and stomach).

Most of the studies have evaluated the effect of garlic on risk factors of cardiovascular diseases (such as blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose). We know very well that the plant in question is used in traditional medicine, given its antimicrobial properties for the prevention and treatment of flu and cold, acting as an antibiotic.

In this article I will talk about the exciting experiment Lalitha Thomas , a professional naturalist and author of “10 essential plants” made in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of garlic when enters into the blood and begins to act.

Lalitha Thomas says that he often put his students to do the next thing: at the beginning of a 2 hours lesson, everyone cleans one clove of garlic and put it between two toes. In this way, garlic enters into the body through the skin and by the end of the lesson, almost everyone will say that feel the taste of garlic in the mouth. Some students said they felt the taste of garlic after the first five minutes.

So, this experiment is very simple and healthy. 

Soak Your Feet In This Mixture To Eliminate Toxins From Organism

In this article you will discover an effective method on how to eliminate the toxins from your organism! Centuries in a row, people around the world have used Epsom salt for its detoxifying properties or to clean the house or garden. This salt is very cheap and you can find it in almost any store and in nature shops.

This salt is very different from other types because it contains minerals such as magnesium and sulfates in abundance, while having the property to detoxify the body. So how does it work?

When you soak your feet in this mixture, you can stimulate osmosis. This is a process that helps to remove salt from the body, allowing magnesium and sulphates penetrate the body.

Magnesium is extremely important because it contains more than 325 enzymes, treating inflammation, improves muscle and nerve functions, supporting the smooth functioning of blood circulation. Magnesium sulphate mixture is responsible for removing toxins from the body!

Using Epsom salt is essential in treating muscle pain, gout, chronic diseases, inflammation, while regularising magnesium intake.

Note: people with open wounds, cardiac patients or pregnant women are forbidden to use this procedure!.

So, take a big recipient with hot/warn water. Pour in this water 250 ml of Epsom salt. Soak  your feet in this mixture for 20 minutes. In this way, in first 10 minutes you will eliminate toxins from the body, while in the next 10 minutes, your body will absorb all the proprieties from Epsom salt.  You can repeat this procedure 1 time per week! It is very healthy and effective!

What Happens if You Don’t Wash Your Hair For 6 Months

Many women have problems with oily hair and always try different methods to wash their hair more rarely. A female from USA, journalist at a lifestyle publication, has decided to no longer wash your hair with shampoo for six months.

The effect was unbelievable! She often complained that her hair was thin, became oily very quickly, which is why he was forced to wash it daily. After two months while she didn’t washed her hair, she said that the hair did not seem clean, but did not look as bad as she imagined it.

However, she rinsed her hair with chamomile tea, but this treatment has not changed the level of fat. After a month, she said she was forced to use all sorts of natural tricks in order to have natural hair clean look. She used a mixture with vinegar, baking soda and water. This solution made her hair look shiny again. In the meantime,  scalp adapts to the absence of chemicals.

Another women, Katherine made the same experiment. She continued to wash her hair with baking soda and she used apple cider vinegar instead of hair conditioner.
Katherine says that she won’t use shampoo anymore because hair is more healthy now and doesn’t get oily too quickly to be washed as often. She says that her hair is softer and more “bright”.

She says that there were only two moments in which she had to wash her hair with shampoo, in the course of these six months, at which time she noticed that after washing her hair was as plump and dry after just two days.

Those who want to try this method should dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda into a glass of water, and pour it on the wet hair. After shampooing with baking soda, pour two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, dissolve in a glass of water and pour on your hair and rinse immediately.

What Means If You Have This Hole On Your Chin

So far, chin dimples were considered a hallmark that can attract the attention. True, it was considered a sign of beauty that most of us wanted to hold it. However, recently it has been found that the hole on the chin have another meaning and that says a lot about the individual’s personality who have it. Here are the meanings chin dimples!

The next article will tell you a lot about the causes of chin dimples , the significance of their appearance and personality of the wearer. There are many public figures who have this kind of dimples, such as Sandra Bullock, Russell Crowe, John Travolta, Jessica Simpson, etc. So there is absolutely no reason for the people to wear them to be ashamed, because they are anything but usual. These signs are the ones that actually make you very attractive in the eyes of others.

Dimple chin may be genetic. In fact, the muscles fail to “close” on the chin, and this leaves the installation of the dimple. But genetics does not automatically mean that a child will inherit it from his parents. The dominant gene is the one that decides this practically.

Dimple on the chin affects personality. People who have dimpled chin are the people that others can not hate them, because they tend to flirt and they be very good at that. Their sexual nature is very strong and very entertaining. Also, people with dimpled chin are those who are very empathetic and emotional. Cry easily, are sad, happy and very passionate. They think that physical love is the evidence of emotional love. All these people have a great fear of rejection, which can be very painful for them.