Most Important Thing You Should Never Do Before Sex

Intimate health also provides an active sex life, but there are mistakes that women make before they start making sex and endanger their healthy body functioning. In this article you will find out things you should never de before sex.

You have often heard about how important it is to go to the toilet before you have sex because otherwise you risk making an urinary infections. Well, it seems that this is just a myth that has recently been demolished, and experts say the opposite: this gesture can provoke you an urinary infections.

According to Urologist David Kaufman, pre-sexual urination is one of the worst misconceptions that has been reported so far. While after the sexual intercourse it is very important to go to the toilet, before the sexual intercourse you do not have to do that.

The explanation, according to Kaufman, is that during sexual intercourse the bacteria in the vagina can be pushed to the urethra. It is well known that in the micturition process, we also eliminate a significant amount of bacteria. And if we do this before sex, then the bacteria pushed out of the vagina into the urethra risk to stay here. That is why the best moment to urinate is after sexual intercourse.