What Happens To Your Body When You Eat 4 Almonds Every Day

Almond tree was cultivated 4,000 years ago. Today is grown in California, US, Mediterranean Basin, Pakistan and Iran. In Germany, the almond tree is planted in the vineyards, where it is sheltered from the cold. Must distinguish between sweet and bitter almonds. Sweet almonds are covered by the cuticle brown rough to the touch, cuticle which can be removed after scalding fruits.

Almond are extremely healthy. You can eat them as they are, or you can leave them in the water overnight and eat them next day. Almonds are rich in proteins, Vitamin E, magnesium, fibres and essential amino acids. Also, almonds contain:

  • Carbohydrates 2.3%
  • Water 5.7%
  • Ballast 15.2%
  • Protein 18.7%
  • Fat 58.1%

What Happens To Your Body When You Eat 4 Almonds Every Day

Improve your memory – contained Vitamin E prevents cognitive decline, stimulate your attention and keep working your memory. They are also a good source of zinc, a mineral that protects brain cells from free radicals.

Help you to lose weight – fibre, protein and monounsaturated fats contained gives you a feeling of fullness. You will eat less.

Help in pregnancy – Consumed during pregnancy, helps your baby to develop normally and reduce the risk of birth defects. Contained large amount of folic acid helps to form a healthy tissue.

Strengthen the 3bones – Almonds are rich in phosphorus and calcium, essential nutrients for healthy bones. In addition, they contain magnesium, manganese and potassium. Reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

What Happens To Your Body When You Eat 4 Almonds Every Day

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